May 22, 2012

Easy Fringe Projects

Here are two super simple and cute projects involving fringe.

1.  For both projects you'll need fringe trim, scissors, sticky back velcro, needle, thread, and leather (optional).
2.  Wrap some fringe trim around your ankle.  Once you think you have a comfortable fit cut the fringe.
3.  Attach a pair of velcro pieces to the fringe.  Make sure they are on opposite sides of the trim.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 on another piece.
4.  Add your anklets to a matching pair of shoes.

1.  Using the supplies from the first project, wrap some fringe trim around your wrist.  Cut the fringe.
2.  If the fringe is too long for you, cut some of it off.  Make sure it's not too short.
3.  Cut an angled design into your fringe.
4.  Sew on some leather shapes or stitch a little design onto the fringe.  I stitched an arrow and a heart.
5.  Attach a pair of velcro pieces to the fringe.
6.  Wear your new bracelet!