May 15, 2012

Make Your Own Glitter Globe

Here's a fun little project that kids will love.  If you have a lot of craft supplies like me, you may have everything needed to make this.

1.  You'll need a jar, glitter or fake snow, water or baby oil, a hot glue gun, and some sort of object to put inside your jar.
2.  Glue your object to the inside of the jar lid.  For one globe I used a clay whale that I made, and in another jar I used a metal seahorse charm.  A plastic toy would be best.
3.  Add some glitter, confetti, or fake snow to the inside of your jar.  Be sure not to use too much (it'll look more like a blizzard in there).
4.  Fill the jar with water or baby oil.  Do not fill it completely.  Baby oil will allow the glitter to fall more slowly.
5.  Screw the lid onto the jar.  Some water may spill out.
6.  Turn the jar over so the lid is on the bottom.  I put some glue on the lip of the lid to seal it.  For a more finished look, I added some ribbon.

You can use any sort of jar for this.  The whale globe was made using an olive jar.  The smaller globe was made using one of those tiny jelly jars.