June 19, 2012

DIY Dinosaur Planters

Have you seen these planters before?  I almost died when I saw them.  They're just so awesome, and I knew I needed one.

1.  You'll need a plastic dinosaur ($1 at Walmart), a small plant with soil, a utility knife, and paint (optional).
2.  Cut an opening in the dinosaur's back that is large enough for your plant.  Make sure that the blade in your knife is new.  This will make cutting easier, and if you happen to cut yourself, you're better off with a sharp blade (TRUST ME).
3.  Poke holes into the belly of your dinosaur for water to drain.  I used the same knife for these holes.  Optional:  Paint your dinosaur.  You may want two or tree coats.  Allow for dry time between each coat.
4.  Add your plant with soil to the planter.

At the last minute, I decided not to paint my dinosaurs.  I preferred them in their natural state.  :)