July 3, 2012

DIY Star Shorts

Just in time for the 4th!  Turn your old jeans into a new pair of shorts.  This project was inspired by a denim jacket made by Aimee of Swellmayde.

1.  You'll need a pair of old jeans, a pair of shorts that fit, paint, a star sponge (or stamp), and scissors.
2.  Lay your shorts on top of your jeans and cute the legs off of the jeans.
3.  You should now have a pair of shorts with rough edges.
4.  Try on your shorts to see how they fit.  If they're a bit snug, cut a tiny triangle shape on each side of the legs.
5.  To help fray your shorts, run your fingers across the bottom.  More fraying will happen when you wash your shorts.
6.  Dip your sponge/stamp in paint.  Make sure it's covered completely.
7.  Press your star/sponge onto your shorts.  Add as many or as few as you'd like.
8.  Let the paint dry for at least an hour.  You can wear your shorts immediately or toss them in the wash.