September 19, 2012

Zilla's Story

Zilla on the day I found her.

My pretty little girl was a drop off.  Sadly, this happens a lot when you live out in the country.

My brother was pulling out of the drive when he heard meowing/yelping (that scared newborn kitten sound) coming from the corn field.  He told my mom, and as soon as she told me I burst out of the house and into the field.  There, I found an all white, pink-nosed kitten.

I brought her closer to the house to give her some food.  She drank some milk (which she will no longer touch) and loved up on me.  The first things I noticed was that she drooled excessively and burped.  She was me in cat form.  :)

The names I came up with at first were Ghost and Rabbit.  Mom thought I should call her Boo since we found her in October.  Then I decided on Zilla.  Her full name is Zilla Monster Crandell.  It's a cross between Godzilla and gila monster.  And no, I don't know why really.  Her nickname is Snakeface (she seriously looks like a snake when she's fixated on something),

Interesting Zilla facts:
*She "talks"... A LOT.  If you ask her questions, she will respond.  
*Zilla likes to have her fangs rubbed.
*In the winter when the heater is on, she stands in front of it and sways.  She also bites at the bars.
*As mentioned before, Zilla burps and drools.  Sometimes my arm is soaked after petting her.
*She likes to sniff your food before you eat it.