October 10, 2012

Lomokino Trials

For Christmas, I received a Lomokino.  It was a really awesome and unexpected gift.  I finally got a chance to run some film through it, then turn that film into a digital movie.

Developing the first roll of film turned out to be a big issue.  In order to view a finished movie, you need an uncut roll of negatives.  I didn't think that would be a problem if I just dropped them off at Walmart.  Silly me.  After a lot of confusion and several phone calls, one of my film rolls was turned into prints with cut negatives and the other came back perfectly.  The cut negatives were still somewhat usable with the help of a lot of tape.  From now on, I'll be sending out my film to the Lomolab.

These movies were captured digitally using an iPod Touch and Lomokino smartphone holder.

The finished movies were created with the Splice app.  The first movie is the one with the bad film (if you couldn't tell).