January 24, 2013

See's Candies Blogger Event

See's Candies and Indianapolis Bloggers partnered to offer a few local bloggers a fun evening at the new candy shop in the Keystone Fashion Mall.  My friend, Tara, was able to join me, and it was our first time tasting See's.  If you've never had one of these amazing treats, you're definitely missing out.  The candy is preservative-free, plus they're dipped and wrapped by hand.  That makes them extra special.

Oh, remember the episode of I Love Lucy that's filmed in a candy factory?  That was See's!  At the event, we had a race to see who could pack a box of candy the fastest (complete with hair nets).  I'll never forget, "Left to right, pack 'em tight!"  :)

Thanks for such a great night!

See's Candies
8702 Keystone Crossing Boulevard
The Fashion Mall at Keystone
Indianapolis, IN 46240