February 5, 2013

DIY Pop-Up Card

Here's a super simple pop-up card to make for Valentine's Day.

What you'll need:

*construction paper
*markers/colored pencils

1.  Fold a piece of construction paper in half.  I folded short edge to short edge.
2.  Cut two parallel slits  on the folded edge of the construction paper to create a tab.  Repeat this for multiple pop-ups.
3.  Open the folded paper and push the tab inwards.
4.  Create you pop-up.  You could draw something like I did or cut out images from magazines.
5.  Glue your pop-up to the tab.
6.  Decorate the rest of your card.  If you want the notch in the paper to be hidden, glue another folded piece of paper over it.