May 1, 2013

RSD at Luna Music

This year, some friends and I spent Record Store Day at Luna Music.  The day has changed a lot over the years.  I went to my first in 2008 (the first year it was held).  It was just me an a handful of people checking out vinyl.  Now, it's a crazed mob lined up at 8am waiting for the store to open.  I also missed out on The Lemonheads/Misfits split 7".  So, if anyone finds this... I need it.

Alyssa found this awesome rare Cure album... for $75.  I picked up Depeche Mode's new Delta Machine along with other records.  A guy celebrated the day with a cardboard hat.  As we waited in the extra long checkout line, we found a collection of Bj√∂rk lullabies.

My new gold vinyl set.

And of course, I dressed for the occasion.