December 4, 2013

Creatives Creating

For those who aren't aware, I work another job in a print shop.  I'm a graphic designer/prepress tech, but clients seem to think I'm a magician.  When we have leftover materials, we use them to our advantage.  Recently, I made myself some Dinosaur Jr posters.  I had to work some of my "magic" on these since I could only find low res versions of these images.

This little guy was created by my coworker.  He decided that I needed a T. Rex and crossbones for a flask that another coworker gave to me.  It turned out beyond awesome.

What are some of your workplace perks?


P.S.  The winners of the animal necklace giveaway are Lyudmila (elephant) and Courtney (bear)!  Congrats, ladies!