April 29, 2014

DIY T-Shirt Skirt

I love this skirt so much.  It was one of my first sewing projects.

1.  You'll need 2 X-Large shirts (or 1 Medium + 2 Large), scissors, needle, thread, and a tape measure.
2.  Take one shirt and cut off the bottom 13 inches.  This will become the waistband.
3.  Cut out 5 rectangles from the shirts that are about 12" x 10".
4.  Stack the rectangles and cut a diagonal line from one corner to 2" below the other corner.
5.  Place the diagonal of one piece to the cut edge of the waistband.  Stitch together.  Overlap and repeat with other pieces.
6.  (Optional) Stitch the pieces together.
7.  Fold over the waistband and show off your new skirt.