May 20, 2014

DIY Record Sleeve Folder

While sifting through my collection one day, I noticed that I had a duplicate Monty Python record.  I set it aside until I could think of how to use it in a future project.  Not too long after, I was in need of a folder. 

1.  You'll need a record sleeve, hot glue gun, scissors, box cutter, pencil, and a folder (for reference).
2.  Cut the record sleeve apart along the top seam.
3.  You should now have a large 1-sided sleeve.
4.  Refold the sleeve and place the reference folder over it.
5.  Using the folder as a guide, cut off the excess width.
6.  Your folder should now be the size that you want.
7.  Open the sleeve.  Using the folder, mark where the pockets will be on the sleeve.
8.  Unfold the sleeve and cut off the excess above the pocket line.
9.  The sleeve should start looking more like a folder now.
10.  Using the excess material, cut two pieces of the sleeve spine that are the same height as the pockets.
11.  Glue both side of the spine pieces.
12.  Quickly place one spine between the pocket and inside of the folder.  Press together until dry.  Repeat on the other side.