November 4, 2014

DIY Sleep Mask

Without an eye mask, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  I picked one up for a dollar at Target years ago, but it eventually fell apart.  So, I decided that I just needed to make my own.

1.  You'll need fabric, scissors, needle, thread, elastic, fleece or felt, and this template.
2.  Using the template, cut out two pieces in fabric and one in fleece.
3.  Layer the mask so that the two fabric pieces are facing one another, and the fleece piece is on top.  Starting at one side of the mask, begin sewing with a whip stitch.
4.  Stitch until you reach the opposite side of the mask.  Measure the length you want for your elastic (wrap it loosely around the back of your head from ear to ear).  Leave a .25" or .5" of the elastic out of each side of the mask.  The elastic should be between the two facing fabric pieces.  Continue sewing.
5.  Stop sewing about a .25" from your beginning stitch.  Turn the mask right side out.  Finish stitching.