June 23, 2015

DIY Star Wars Fabric Converse

I couldn't bear parting with my old pair of navy Converse.  Instead, I upcycled them using my brother's old Star Wars sheets.

This project is an updated version of my Map Shoes.

You'll need fabric, a pair of shoes, Fabric Mod Podge, scissors, an exacto knife, and a paintbrush.

1.  Begin by removing the laces and coating one side of the shoe with Fabric Mod Podge.
2.  Cut out a piece of fabric and lay it onto the coated shoe.  Rub the fabric so that it sticks to the shoe.
3.  Using scissors, cut along the top silhouette of the shoe.
4.  Using the exacto, press the fabric into the tight corners along the shoe.  You may need to do this a few times.  Allow to dry.
5.  Once dry, trim all excess fabric.
6.  Seal the edges of the fabric with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.
7.  Using the exacto, puncture holes through the fabric covering the eyelets.
8.  Repeat steps 1 thru 7 on the other side, then on the other shoe.
9.  Relace both shoes, and you're finished!

If using Converse sneakers, you may choose to cover the tongue and heel with fabric.  I didn't since the fabric used was similar in color to the shoe.