December 16, 2015

6 Dollar Shirts

You may or may not have heard of 6 Dollar Shirts.  It's a website offering shirts for $6.  The deal sounds too good to be true.  As with anything, there are catches.  Ladies tees are $8, and these prices do not include shipping and handing.  In the end, shirts are about $9-$10 a piece.

The reviews I read about the site were mixed.  Shrinking, slow processing, and lack of customer service were the majority of the complaints.  I chose to purchase some shirts.  It took 9 days for the package to arrive (7 for processing and 2 for delivery).

The ladies shirts are in Juniors sizes, so I ordered a large to be safe.  They were a little big, so I washed and dried all three shirts in warm water.  They fit fine now.  In mens I ordered a medium for my husband.  I have washed one of his shirts but let it air dry, because it was a good fit to begin with.

Overall, I would order from this site again.  The designs are great, and $10 is still a good deal for a shirt.