February 23, 2016

DIY Doll Hangers

Here is a tutorial on how I made the hangers for the doll armoire.

1.  You'll need wire, a ruler, cutting pliers, and flat nose/round nose pliers.  I used 14 gauge wire for mine.

2.  Cut a 15" piece of wire.

3.  Find the middle of your piece of wire and lay it next to the ruler.  Made a bend near the 5.25" mark.

4.  Still holding your wire in place, make a bend near the 0 mark.

5.  You should have a rounded triangle shape.

6.  Using either your flat or round nose pliers, bend the top right portion at the center where the two sides meet.  This piece will be straight up and down and is about 1"-2" long.

7.  Coil the top portion on the left side around the straight piece.

8.  You should have 2 or 3 coils.  Cut off any excess.

9.  Bend the top part to form a curve.

10.  Your hanger is complete!