October 16, 2017

DIY Voodoo Doll

The oldest is dressing as a voodoo doll for Halloween, and I made a doll to go along with her costume.

Download the pattern here.  Print the file at actual size.

1. You'll need tan felt, red felt, a button, needle, black thread, craft wire, pliers, wire cutters, beads, scissors, black fabric paint, polyfil (not pictured), and the pattern.

2.  Print out the pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces and use them to cut out the fabric pieces.

3.  Sew the button onto one of the head pieces.

4.  Cut off a piece of craft wire and make a tiny bend about .75" from one end.

5.  Slide a bead onto the wire and curl the end.

6.  Bend the wire to make a v shape. Poke it through the heart piece in two places.

7.  Make a tiny bend at the other end of the wire.  Repeat Step 5.

8.  Sew the heart onto one of the body pieces.

9.  Stitch the two body pieces together and stuff with polyfil. The more haphazard the stitching, the better. Stitch two leg pieces together and stuff.  Sew the leg to the body. Do the same with the remaining leg, arms, and head. Finish by adding stitches with fabric paint.

I'll be posting a separate tutorial for the voodoo doll costume.